JoNeil Conley PhD, RN – The Meanness Matrix: The Multiple Faces of Bullies

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As an OR Nurse, Dr. Conley was bullied by her preceptor, other nurses and surgeons. In her leadership roles, she witnessed the impact bullying in many areas of nursing. Her doctoral study was Bullying in the Perioperative Nursing Workplace and found significant correlation between bullying act and negative patient outcomes—including death of healthy patients. While Sr. Director of Talent Development for the Advisory Board Company, she worked with over 400 healthcare organizations, training and empowering staff and leaders in subjects such as disruptive behavior, conflict resolution, self-care, teamwork, negotiations and many others. Dr. JoNeil Conley is a nationally recognized speaker, teacher, certified facilitator and coach.

Bullying comes in many forms.  It is well known that approximately 60% of new nurses leave their first position within six months due to some form of verbal abuse or harsh treatment from a colleague. Efforts to irradiate nurse bullying have failed; the impact on patient outcomes has been identified. While organizations must assume responsibility,  there are specific actions you can take to resist, recover and to protect yourself, NOW. There are very clear and specific predictors that we know about and we can change the predictors, we can prevent bullying from happening.  In this webinar learn what the predictors are and how they can be controlled. 

The Meanness Matrix © will provide you with proven strategies to deploy in your professional and personal life when faced with bullying acts.

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