Christal Parker MSN, RN – From Burnout to Bliss: 5 Ways to Nurse the Nurse Back to Happiness

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Healthcare workers: Swipe Pods will be your best friend.  

Swipe Pods- a portable storage box to easily remove alcohol pads which attaches to stethoscopes, scrubs, lab coat pockets, bags, etc. The journey of the alcohol pad- arriving in bulk and distributed to be great. Small and compact cleans off stethoscopes, phones, badges, and versatile as they cleanse the skin. Unfortunately, not all alcohol pads are utilized. Pockets, washing machines, drawers, and garbage cans are all places these alcohol pads end up; until now.

As nurses we take care of everyone but ourselves! 2020 was deemed the year of the nurse, and boy did it give us a run for our money. Nurses need self care now more than ever. This webinar will teach you 5 self care practices to use in everyday life that helps you relieve stress, advocate for and nurture yourself back to happiness.

My name is Christal Parker! I’m an ER nurse, board Certified Nurse Practitioner, wife and new mom who once suffered from major stress, unhealthy eating habits, compassion fatigue and burnout. To prepare for my wedding I got a trainer, started eating healthier, indulged in pampering myself with friends for spa days, took better care of my skin and most importantly focused on my mental health.

Being a new mom during COVID brought about many new challenges, mentally and physically. I knew instantly that self-care would be vital to getting back to my “normal” self. I had to take the same self-care principles I learned before and apply them to this time in my life.

I’m excited to share my self-care journey, practices and products with you so that you can experience a life of joy. Burnout is affecting nurses now more than ever. We are at our breaking point and I want to help nurses step off the ledge and back into a life they are proud of. In my spare time, I create products that target the specific needs of nurses to enhance their self-care journey. My goal is to encourage self-care, self-love and remind us that WE COME FIRST!

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