Bradley Chesham, RN – Virtual Reality In CXR Interpretation​

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Professional nurse coaches are registered nurses who assist individuals and groups in realizing their full health potential. Health coaches are licensed health professionals who also assist individuals and groups in realizing their full health potential. Both nurse coaches and health coaches coach their clients in all practice areas throughout the community.

Through the AHH coaching program — the premiere holistic coaching program for nurses and health professionals — nurses will be prepared to sit for both Nurse Coaching and Holistic Nursing certification exams, offered nationally and internationally by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation (AHNCC).

Bradley Chesham NursePreneur

Bundle of Rays is transforming healthcare education using immersive learning technologies and advancing the nursing profession through our unique teaching programs.

Working with the leading software providers we have created an award winning, user friendly learning platform that is accessible globally and brings Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the forefront of healthcare teaching.

In this webinar, experience the power of VR while learning to read Chest XRays.

VR Evangelist – Nurse Educator – Education disruptor – Researcher

Shortlisted Finalist 2020 Commonwealth Medical Association Digital Health Awards

Winner 2019 Hayden Vanguard Lectureship Award – INACLS

Bradley has mixed acute tertiary intensive care nursing experience, along with remote medicine. Deployments have been within Mosul, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, Norway, and many more, and he is even registered as a nurse in Papua New Guinea. During his career, he has always taken pride in ongoing knowledge and skills development. He has recently worked very hard to establish a new nursing education start-up company launched in July / August 2018 – Bundle of Rays. Innovating with innovation.

Bradley is a well-qualified clinician, mainly working in acute specialties with a focus on intensive care. He fits into established teams well and enjoys the responsibility that accompanies a high degree of managerial autonomy. This has been consolidated through a variety of international projects involving the British Army in Afghanistan, Australian Federal Police in Papua New Guinea, and a multitude Oil & Gas projects across Mexico, Guinea, and Norway for companies such as Exxon and CGGveritas and Commissioning new and revised services at two hospitals in South-East Queensland.

Bradley is currently based in South East Queensland, Australia but does have International scope to the services he can provide.

Bradley is a self-starter. He is a motivated and enthusiastic individual and possesses excellent inter-personnel skills. He has had special responsibility for teaching and training staff to a senior level. He has taken the lead role in managing critical clinical situations, with a proven ability to work under stressful conditions. He possesses a good understanding of health and hygiene in remote site locations, including tropical disease, and has traveled extensively, with a good understanding of different cultural environments. Also currently teaching with the Australian Resuscitation council across Australia. He takes pride in his ability to innovate through healthcare and apply his skills developing outside of traditional nursing career pathways.

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