Aric Mayer MSN, RN – Psychedelic Plant Medicines: Healing on the Horizon

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Ready for care patients using psychedelics for treatment?  Ready or not, psychedelics are coming soon.  Discover the power of healing happening in hard-to-treat conditions through psychedelics and expand your knowledge of therapeutic interventions.  Learn how how MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, and DMT are being used to treat PTSD, mood disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety and more.  The latest cutting-edge research in psychedelic plant medicines is revealed in this must-attend webinar.

Aric’s passion for the circuitry of the mind has evolved into decades of research and study of altered states of consciousness and the healing powers that lie within. As an adult nurse practitioner, he prescribes ketamine infusions and offers alternative modalities for pain management for patients who have exhausted traditional therapies. Aric remains on the cutting edge of research into psychedelic plant medicines and is ready to use his expertise in psychedelic assisted therapy in the treatment of depression, addiction, trauma, anxiety, as well as other indications as it becomes available for patients searching for a new way of healing. He holds a BA from University of California at Berkley and completed his MSN through Columbia University.

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