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Aric Mayer, MSN, RN

February 2nd, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Psychedelic Plant Medicines: Healing on the Horizon

Ready for care patients using psychedelics for treatment?  Ready or not, psychedelics are coming soon.  Discover the power of healing happening in hard-to-treat conditions through psychedelics and expand your knowledge of therapeutic interventions.  Learn how how MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, and DMT are being used to treat PTSD, mood disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety and more.  The latest cutting-edge research in psychedelic plant medicines is revealed in this must-attend webinar.

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Mercedes Thomas MSN, RN

February 9th, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Lactation and Infant Mortality: The Nurse’s Role in Supporting Breastfeeding Families ​

In the United States, infant mortality rates are dismal, and statistics show that black and indigenous infants are disproportionately affected. 

Utilizing nurses on the frontlines of maternity, labor & delivery, and postpartum units to support breastfeeding families in the critical hours and days following childbirth is one piece in the complex infant mortality puzzle. Studies have pointed to human milk as a solution that is low to no cost and nutritious for both preterm and full-term infants. 

This webinar will give attendees an overview of the current trends in infant mortality and lactation. Also, taking a dive deeper into the health disparities that exist and the high stakes involved for families who lack resources and support. 

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Christal Parker MSN, RN

February 16th, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

From Burnout to Bliss: 5 Ways to Nurse the Nurse Back to Happiness

As nurses we take care of everyone but ourselves! 2020 was deemed the year of the nurse, and boy did it give us a run for our money. Nurses need self care now more than ever. This webinar will teach you 5 self care practices to use in everyday life that helps you relieve stress, advocate for and nurture yourself back to happiness.

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Anna Oliveira, RN

February 23rd, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Complementary Therapies for Fibromyalgia: Utilizing a Team Approach

The purpose of this webinar is to provide the Registered Nurse with the information needed to help clients with fibromyalgia make informed decisions about complementary therapies.  The Nurse will learn about common complementary treatments and evidence-based strategies for symptom management.  Creating a team approach between the client and healthcare team will be emphasized. 

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Brad Ferris, RN

March 2nd, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Where and How AI is Changing the Nursing Profession

With continuing pressures within the healthcare system for nurses to perform more and more duties, should artificial intelligence (AI) be embraced or avoided as a solution for improving patient outcomes and creating cost-effective efficiencies?

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Pamela Taylor RN

March 9th, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Home Health Care For Hospital Nurses​

Home health care is not typically an area that new nurses gravitate to, but it’s an area that experienced nurses love!  In this webinar, find out what the top diagnoses in-home care and how to manage them.  Find out what it’s really like to work in-home care and if it’s the right path for you.

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JoNeil Conley, PhD, RN

March 16th, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

The Meanness Matrix: The Multiple Faces of Bullies

Bullying comes in many forms.  It is well known that approximately 60% of new nurses leave their first position within six months due to some form of verbal abuse or harsh treatment from a colleague. Efforts to irradiate nurse bullying have failed; the impact on patient outcomes has been identified. While organizations must assume responsibility,  there are specific actions you can take to resist, recover and to protect yourself, NOW. There are very clear and specific predictors that we know about and we can change the predictors, we can prevent bullying from happening.  In this webinar learn what the predictors are and how they can be controlled. 

The Meanness Matrix © will provide you with proven strategies to deploy in your professional and personal life when faced with bullying acts.

Sponsored By Shared Governance

The Forum for Shared Governance at is a clearing house for promoting and disseminating research about shared governance and similar organizational innovations that help empower nurses and other healthcare professionals in their workplaces.

Bradley Chesham NursePreneur
Bradley Chesham, RN

March 23rd, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Virtual Reality In CXR Interpretation​

Bundle of Rays is transforming healthcare education using immersive learning technologies and advancing the nursing profession through our unique teaching programs.

Working with the leading software providers we have created an award winning, user friendly learning platform that is accessible globally and brings Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the forefront of healthcare teaching.

In this webinar, experience the power of VR while learning to read Chest XRays.

Sponsored By Advancing Nurse Coaching

Professional nurse coaches are registered nurses who assist individuals and groups in realizing their full health potential. Health coaches are licensed health professionals who also assist individuals and groups in realizing their full health potential. Both nurse coaches and health coaches coach their clients in all practice areas throughout the community.

Pam Mooney RN

March 30th, Tuesday @ 12:00 PM EST | 9:00 AM PST

Blindsided by Birth Trauma: Impact on Nurses & Mothers

How does the joy of having a baby become one of the most traumatizing experiences in life? In a few, short missteps. Recognize the potential for birth trauma before it happens and learn strategies to prevent and manage it. Empower your patients and protect your mental health as a nurse. Learn about the most common causes of birth trauma including overmedicalized deliveries, forced procedures due to fear of safety, and the slippery slope of coercion. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to avoid the miracle of birth from becoming a delivery disaster for you and your patients.

Sponsored By Mommy Labor Nurse

Hi! I’m Liesel.  I am a labor and delivery nurse, mom, wife and business owner! After having such a fulfilling birth experience at my hospital, I felt that I wanted to educate other moms in hopes that more women feel empowered and educated about motherhood, instead of scared and anxious. I have always had a passion for educating women and thoroughly enjoy spreading knowledge and awareness about what’s to come!

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